Computational medicine: Numerical models for medical images and signals

News: A PhD position related to the project activities has been announced here. The deadline was 20.11.2016.

The research program aims to create and promote collaborations between researchers at Bergen University College, Haukeland University Hospital, the University of Bergen and the University of Stavanger, within the field of computational medicine and biomedical engineering, focusing on image data and clinical applications.

We are currently pursuing four main topics of research: (i) MRI-based biomarkers for the prediction of kidney functions, (ii) Brain networks in health and disease, (iii) Multiparametric MRI and machine learning in cancer diagnosis and monitoring, and (iv) The Bergen hip-cohort study—Big data and analysis of longitudinal phenotypes. Details can be found in the individual project pages.

The activities are anchored in several established research programs, in particular MedViz and ICT Engineering.

MedViz is a research & development cluster based in Bergen, performing interdisciplinary research in advanced image analysis and visualisation. ICT Engineering is a strategic research program at Bergen University College, consisting of six research groups: Model-driven software engineering, engineering computing, computational intelligence, grid computing and physics data analysis, secure and reliable communication, and communication systems and sensor networks.


Supported by UH-Nett Vest. The project application (in Norwegian) can be found here: